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Health Information Privacy and Security

For almost everyone the word "HIPAA" means law that protects the privacy of health information. So that is what "HIPAA" means on this web site. 

And for almost everyone including health care professionals HIPAA seems complex and confusing.

However -

HIPAA Rules 
Are Easy to Follow Step-by-Step
When You Know the Steps

What is HIPAA - Why does it seem so Complicated?

HIPAA, wondrously named "Administrative Simplification" by Congress, seems complicated because the law and regulations are lengthy and written in dense “legalese”.  However, HIPAA may be broken down into manageable parts that can be explained, taught and followed.


Take the Mystery out of HIPAA
The HIPAA Rules and associated Federal and State Law are coordinated and logical. You just have to find all the parts, arrange them in a logical order and break each part into a series of easy to follow steps. Mr. Hales has done that. And his work has been collected to create The HIPAA E-Tool®, an Internet-based Software as a Service (SaaS) HIPAA compliance solution for Covered Entities and Business Associates. Watch the short video for a brief description of The HIPAA E-Tool.
 The Bottom Line -
You can understand and comply with HIPAA