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Health Information Privacy and Security – HIPAA

Our practice focuses exclusively on United States law protecting the privacy and security of health information. In 2003 the first federal regulations established national standards for privacy of individually identifiable health information in the U.S. Since then the general public and health care professionals alike use term ‘HIPAA’ to mean legal requirements for protection of personal health information.

We provide HIPAA legal consulting and education services to clients throughout the United States and Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa. Our U.S. clients are health care providers and health plans called ‘covered entities’ by HIPAA and ‘business associates’ that provide services involving protected health information (PHI) to covered entities. Our U.S. business associate clients include other law firms and health plan third-party administrators. Internationally our clients are business associates that must comply with U.S. law because they provide services to covered entities and business associates in the U.S.

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